A few years ago I was asked for our showreel by a potential client. I explained to them that I was in the middle of re-editing a new version and that I would send them a link to view it just as soon as it was ready. Well three years later I finally found a big enough gap in my schedule to finish it! I wonder if the job is still open?… Happy

Countryfile BBC1 Sunday 5th July - Shark Special

Countryfile will be screening an episode dedicated to sharks on BBC1 Sunday 5th July, including our footage of Porbeagles filmed back in 2007 which to this day is still the only free swimming Porbeagle footage in existence.

Porbeagles are impressive sharks. At their largest they can grow up to 3.5 meters long and are close relatives to Great Whites with which they can often be misidentified.

Below is our multi award winning short film which was successfully used as part of the campaign to get Porbeagles entirely protected in European waters, with a zero total allowable catch (TAC) fishing quota.

Red Sea Spawning Aggregations

Well it has been a busy summer so far! We've just returned from Egypt once again, where we have been filming the spawning aggregations in Ras Mohammed National Park at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula. Every year hundreds of thousands of Snapper, Batfish, Unicornfish and Barracuda head for this area at the end of June / beginning of July.

It is a wonderful spectacle in crystal clear blue water and certainly easier to film right now than it has been for many years. 5 years ago you would often find up to 50 dive boats a day on the world renowned reefs of Shark and Yolanda, yet today at times in the peak of the season we saw only a handful of boats. It certainly makes it easier to keep divers bubbles out of shot(!), but it is a stark reminder just how badly the Egyptian tourist industry has been decimated in recent years.

Let's hope for a bit of stability in the region to allow divers once again to enjoy the wonders of the Red Sea. Shark and Yolanda is one of my very favourite dive sites anywhere in the world and is in amazingly good condition considering it is still probably the busiest dive site in the Red Sea, if not the world! We are going to be chartering private daybooks again next year for the aggregation, so get in touch if you are interesting in joining us!

G I A N T S - Whale sharks of Isla Mujeres

It felt like I hadn't made a mini documentary for years…..and I hadn't!

I love making mini documentaries about the places we have visited or about a particular subject that we have seen. It is what got me actively involved in filming in the first place and led onto a full career doing something I absolutely love doing. So to not have made a mini documentary for over 3 years seems SO wrong!

In my defence I have been incredibly busy for the last few years and it has becoming increasing difficult to put aside sometimes up to a week to edit these pieces. Recently though I've had a break in my schedule and took the opportunity make this short film that I'm really pleased to be able to share with you.

I wont say too much about the film itself but will try to give you a few insights into how it was made.

This trip was mainly used as a shakedown for the GH4 which had just been released. Using a new camera underwater for the first time is a bit of a lottery. Sometimes they are amazing while other times you get a real stinker of a result when you were expecting something great (yes I am looking at your Sony FS100!).

The key is to try many different settings and to come up with a workflow that gives the best results. I basically went through most of the settings in the camera when filming on this trip which made it very difficult to colour match all the images in post. Also a Canon 7D was used for about 25% of the shots and when using them underwater they become very, very difficult to match.

After looking at the results I found that for me the best settings when filming with he GH4 was to use the Natural setting with sharpness turned down the maximum amount. I've since been filming with the GH4 for the last 12 months and I still agree that I like this the best.

Most of the filming was with the Lumix 7-14mm which is a lovely lens. To help retain the reds at depth when white balancing I also taped a piece of magic filter to the rear of the lens as there is no filter holder or thread on the 7-14mm. This worked surprisingly well.

I can see a big difference not only between the 1080p and 4K images from the GH4, but also the 7D shots used. Hopefully that is not too distracting to the viewer!

If you have any technical questions please ask away and I hope you enjoy the film!

Red Sea

We certainly had a fun trip to the Red Sea during our latest visit and even managed to take a new photo for our Contact Us page!

Sorry if we are out of touch when we travel, but phones don't tend to work well underwater!

We are back in the UK for a few weeks now before heading back out to Egypt for the massive aggregations of snapper, barracuda, unicorn fish, banner fish and a host of others that peaks at the end of June.

Should be fun!

Gracie the 5 Year Old Mermaid!

We introduced our children to the water at a very early age. Both Oliver and Gracie were learning to swim at 10 weeks old and they loved every minute as you've probably seen from the web videos that we've posted over the years.

We made this film with Gracie who has been obsessed with Mermaids since she was very, very small. This is her story…



We've just got back from a great trip to the Bahamas aboard the Dolphin Dream filming Great Hammerheads and Tiger sharks, so we wanted to share a few photos and video clips of what we'd captured during our stay.

This is what it looks like when a Tiger shark gets a little too close for comfort!

This is Zoe filming on the sea bed surrounded by Lemon Sharks:

Oh and here are some photos of us filming Great Hammerheads.

Next up we have a couple of trips to the Red Sea with some filming in the tropical UK waters sandwiched in between, so we'll definitely try to make an effort to post some more photos and video clips from those!

Isla Guadalupe Sep 2015

Hi all

If you were thinking of going to Isla Guadalupe in 2015 then we still have a couple of places open for our September charter.

The boat is full of experienced photographers and videographers although total numbers have been limited to 12 to ensure the most time possible in the water with the sharks.

There is not another spot anywhere like Guadalupe where you can view, photograph and film Great Whites in (often) crystal clear blue water. If you are interested please email me for full details at
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